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Today logistics is one of the most important factors that can help companies to be more competitive. An efficient management of the logistical flows makes the difference in terms of savings and better services to customers.

Logistics Box is born to provide effective support to people involved in the management of the logistical flows (receivings, storage, withdrawals, transportation, etc.) combining innovative tools of mathematical optimization, such as operational research techniques, with the experience acquired in the transport optimization field, helping companies to increase their efficiency.

Logistics Box is a modular and integrated suite, developed to complete manage the logistical flow from production line end to “last mile” transportation. It’s composed by three complementary modules: W-CUBE, Delivery Control, Optimal Routing. The suite is able to organize and control all warehouse activities and to optimize, track and control deliveries until final destination.

Thanks to its modularity, Logistics Box allows to set up a solution customized on the specific needs, and offers a complete coverage able to support companies in very complex activities such as materials handling and transportation, allowing a careful monitoring of the logistical flows and a complete paper dematerialization.

Logistics Box is the innovative solution for those companies that, today more than ever, need to significantly reduce logistical flows costs and improve efficiency and effectiveness.