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Developed within RETRACKER (the complete software suite for internal and external tracking), W-CUBE is a state of the art WMS (Warehouse Management System) able to improve warehouse efficiency, precision and control by providing effective support to the management of logistic flows.




W-CUBE exploits the best technologies available (WEB Enable, PDAs connected via WiFi or GPRS/UMTS, barcodes, RFID, etc.), in order to constantly verify the correspondence between the warehouse activities planned (pourings, withdrawals, displacements, picking, …) and the actions really executed “on field”.

Thanks to its architecture, W-CUBE can be integrated into the company logistic infrastructure, exploiting the connectivity available.

The solution is based on standard, cheap and widely distributed technologies.






Complete and Modular System

W-CUBE is made up of several modules, which can be activated on the base of specific needs and in different times.


Developed exploiting the best technologies

J2EE (Java Two Enterprise Edition) allows the system to be independent from the hardware platform and takes full advantage from the connectivity infrastructures.


Lead time reduction

The solution increases the speed of the inbound/outbound operations, guiding the operator during the activities.

Easy to use

Intuitive user interface, touch screen PDAs, short training times.

Increase of the productivity

By improving the performances of the operators and balancing the workloads, it’s possible to reduce the level of employees by up to 30%.

Space optimization

The “random” management of the locations allows to exploit storage spaces in a better way.


Information reliability

Stock value is always correct, thanks to the drastic reduction of errors.



Organization and work flow

Close and continuous monitoring of the activities; it's possible to specify operator roles and authorizations.

Payback period

Within almost 1 year.

Tracking and tracing

Compliant to European Regulation 178/2002 and GS1 standards.

Web Enable

Users can enter the system via internet by a web browser (warehouses far away from each other can be managed together in a single central environment).


PDAs autonomy

PDAs can work off-line from the server, settng up a connection only when needed to send and receive data through the WLAN or by GPRS/UMTS network (avoiding radio coverage costs).

Wide areas (squares)

PDAs can even work in a very large space, connecting themselves to the server (if necessary) through the mobile phone network.

Easy integration with ERP systems

The solution can be easily integrated with the company ERP system, without data duplication. The most common interfaces are alrealdy available.

Electronic documentation

Documentation is sent to the receivers via EDI.


W-Cube grows with the company. From few workstations to more than one hundred, without software changes.

Fault tolerance

W-Cube architecture ensures the continuity of  the service and the balancing of the hardware resources.


SaaS (Software as a Service)

In addition to the traditional licensing methods, Delivery Control is accessible via SaaS licence too, with “Pay-per-use” billing.

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