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The innovative solution able to track and control deliveries in real time, from sender to receiver. Delivery Control allows to detect all the delivery steps and geo-localize moving trucks.

The solution is totally web-based, by exploiting internet connectivity: it’s possible to use the application both from workstations (personal computer equipped with an internet browser) and from mobile devices (PDA equipped with a SIM card enabled to GPRS/UMTS services).

The architecture is based on a central server (repository) with the applications and the database.

Trucks are equipped with PDAs, that allows specific functionality in order to assure operative autonomy to the operators, even if there’s no WiFi or GPRS/UMTS coverage. Indeed, all the activities are stored in the local database and sent to central server only when the connection allows transmission.






Main functionalities:

  • withdrawal and delivery location management, compliant to GS1 standards 
  • deliveries management, trip setting and truck assignment
  • real time control of the delivery process
  • delivery result notification and batch detection (if required)
  • receiver signature detection
  • delivery documentation printout, by a mobile printer connected via Bluetooth
  • specific tools able to analyse delivery results and delivered batches
  • items control during loading and unloading (by bar-code reading)
  • cartography:
      -  detection of the truck location in real time via GPS
      -  routes displays (for every truck)
      -  incoming trucks, expected lead times and items delivered (for every delivery point)
  •                                                      Advantages:


    Delivery result in real time

    Immediate acquisition and notification of the delivery result (receiver signature, rejection causals, photo documentation, etc.).

    Fleet geo-localization

    Trucks and loads localization in real time.

    Data security

    As soon as GPRS or UMTS network is detected, data are automatically transferred from the mobile device database to central server.

    Drastic reduction of errors

    In every delivery point unloaded items are checked, in order to avoid omissions or inversion.

    Practices simplification

    Automatic forwarding to the receiver of the “Despatch Advice” (in which there are no data errors).

    Billing errors reduction

    The availability of the data regarding the quantity of items really delivered allows to avoid billing errors.

    Arrivals scheduling

    The receiver can organize the unloading process in a better way, thanks to the monitoring of the deliveries, the localization of the trucks and the checking of the lead times.

    Simplification of the communication

    The driver receives in advance the trip specifications and the sending notes (downloading them on the PDA).


    Electronic documents can replace the paper ones, keeping both evidentiary value (notarization) than fiscal value.

    Information sharing

    It’s possible to enter into the central server via Internet, by an user interface based on a web browser; every user (sender, logistic operator, receiver) can interact with the system within the limits set in its profile.

    Easily integration with ERP systems

    The solution can be easily integrated with the company ERP system.

    Try and buy

    Chooses are not easy, why don’t try first? MBM provides Delivery Control on its servers, in order to make significant tests, also with your own data.

    SaaS (Software as a Service)

    In addition to the traditional licensing methods, Delivery Control is accessible via SaaS licence too, with “Pay-per-use” billing.

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