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Optimal Routing is your best business partner while planning your pickups and deliveries. It allows to efficiently manage fleets, supporting complex vehicle routing decisions and planning through new innovative algorithms. Our optimization software provides optimal solutions to pickup and delivery orders to customers considering a wide number of different operational constraints such as multiple depots, multiple vehicles, recurring deliveries, vehicle capacity, compatibility and load constraints.

Supporting strategical, tactical and operational decisions, Optimal Routing helps companies to achieve better fleet performances such as minimizing time, distances and transport costs, improving service efficiency and customers satisfaction. 




Main functionalities:

  • multiple depots and  multiple vehicles optimization
  • vehicle capacities
  • recurring visits (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • evaluations of alternative visit combinations (e.g. mon-thu or tue-fri)
  • orders priorities
  • management of specialties such as compatibility driver-vehicle, goods-vehicle or vehicle-customer
  • dense routes management and roads covering
  • scalable to manage large planning problems exploiting up to 80 parallel processors (HPC cloud platform needed



    Significant savings and performance boosting

    Cut fleet costs from 5 to 30% and increases productivity by reducing travel completion times and fuel consumptions.


    Increase Efficiency and Productivity

    Optimize the usage of fleet vehicles, better exploiting fleet capacity and human resources. It avoids dead times efficiently managing mobile teams schedules.


    Scenarios evaluations for strategic decisions

    Evaluate performance impact and ROI of strategic decisions, such as varying the number of vehicles for each depot or adding a new visit to a route.



    Innovation and scientific research

    Take advantage of our innovative software and algorithms representing the state-of-the-art of the scientific research in vehicle routing optimization.


    Try and buy

    Test Optimal Routing on your own data and evaluate your specific ROI. You will be thrilled with the results.



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